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King Do - The story of a generation

This is about "King Do" aka Koagne Donatien, a son of Bafoussam and the greatest African gangster of all time, maybe even the only one qualifying for the title of African gangster.
  • King Do - The story of a generation
© Koagne Donatien

I don't know how to cook crack. My whole knowledge about that crack thing comes first from Biggie's 10 crack commandments and second from Freakonomics, a book by Steven Levitt (economist at the University of Chicago) and the journalist Stephen Dubner. Just for my defense, I read that book in my second undergrad year by recommendation of my then-marketing professor who even lent me his own exemplar of the book back then. I've listened to a lot of rappers saying a lot of things about crack cooking and selling, I can deliver Biggie's 10 commandments right off the top of my head, I read and re-read Freakonomics, I even re-re-read the chapter on crack, but still, I don't know much about that crack business (...)

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