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  • UNIQ
Genre : Album | Soul
Date de sortie : Samedi 13 août 2016
Date de sortie digitale : Samedi 13 août 2016
Rubrique : Musique

Afro-soul music artist Myra is set to release her long anticipated sophomore album UNIQ in a few weeks' time.

An album which packs inspirational and upbeat songs in one space, complimented by Myra's easy, sultry voice and various musical instruments.

Myra creates a melodic and rhythmic "ear-gasmic" scene which takes over the listener from the beginning to the end revealing a variety of musical influences in every song and verse and capturing a unique (UNIQ) mix that truly defines the artist, Myra.

"I named the album UNIQ because I feel that it is a unique blend of my music influences. It is different from my last album in that it features more of my Cameroonian cultural heritage while still maintaining my R & B influences." States Myra

Cameroonian-born Myra Maimoh grew up in a big, Christian family in Bamenda, North West Region with her mother being her greatest musical influence.


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